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Plant-Based Meal Plans for Weight Loss 

Put simply, if you want to lose weight and drastically transform your health, our plant-based meal plans have been specifically designed for you.  We’ve got the formula that works, the recipes, the schedule, the shopping lists, and the meal prep ALL FIGURED OUT.

It’s literally everything that you need to get food to your table in the quickest, healthiest no-brainer way possible.  Going at this alone can be overwhelming… and after working with tens of thousands of people throughout the years, I’ve seen the reason that people drop off of their plant-based plan.

In one word: overwhelm.  We’ve taken the that out of the equation.  Start with up to 6 weeks of our weekly meal plans delivered as a printable file to your inbox.


14 Day + 1 Free Week

21 Day + 1 Free Week

Just chiming in to say that Elisha, your recipes are delicious! I’ve been eating WFPB for a long time and my taste buds are just delighted + I’m excited to cook and prep again. Thank you

Melissa M.

I lost a pound the first two days. While stuffing my face with Nutritarian food (at my designated eating times), and eating pasta and delicious desserts. this.

Kimberley H.

Your energy & commitment are contagious, the beginning information is invaluable.Definitely recommend as a great way to start this lifestyle! I have been in wrong frame of mind, but YOU have been fantastic! 

Jan H.

 Meal plans. They’ve made it so easy to eat well easily and deliciously. I would absolutely recommend this program! I’ve gained so much confidence in how to make ETL recipes taste delicious!

Caitlin F.

My two favorite things are the great recipes and the group support. I’m sure that is why I’ve hung in here through some challenges.  I hope there will be another challenge soon to follow this one.

Amy M.

Meal plans made it convenient to prepare meals in a healthy new way without being left on my own and feeling overwhelmed. Group support was fabulous as it kept me focused and on track. 

Tina P.

I experienced all of the above positive changes, and in addition, improved my health with elimination of acid reflux, reduction in blood pressure and improvement of cholesterol numbers.  Oh, and reduced joint pain!   

Kelly H.

About the Meal Plans


The recipes in our Meal Plans are designed for weight loss and overall health.  They are strictly plant-based, and are compatible with a number of nutrient-based eating plans including Eat to Live.  The focus of our program is nutrient-density.

Shopping Lists

These days, coming up with great recipes is pretty easy.  Pinterest is full of delicious plant-based dishes for weight loss.  The difficult part is really the shopping.  Not to mention planning the shopping list… combining ingredients so that they cross over and coordinate with your other meals for the week.  AH!!  Seriously stressful and tedious. We’ve taken care of all of this in our meal plans.  Each week’s plan comes complete with a detailed shopping list.

Meal Prep Sheets

The meal prep sheets are included to help you get your food from the store to your table as smoothly as possible.  We tell you which dishes to prep first, and what to keep stored in the fridge for quick meal preparation throughout the week.  While some prefer to make their foods at each meal, other customers work during the week and need soups, dressings, dips, and desserts prepped and ready to go. That’s who we’ve designed the prep sheets for.  Cooking times are included so you’ll know how much time to plan for the kitchen and our recipes are generally straight forward and quick and easy to prep!

Weekly Menu/Schedule

We’ve balanced our plant-based menus with the correct foods and portion sizes in order to maximize weight loss and drastically improve health.  Each day includes an abundance of fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains and whole food fats – all organized in the perfect quantities.   We utilize a formula that has proven to shed fat, improve energy, and rapidly increase overall health.  We’ve seen thousands of people do it, and we know that it works.  With our meal plans, you don’t have to figure it out on your own, it’s all done for you.

Salt and cooking oils are not included in our weekly meal plan recipes, but for those who wish to use salt, it can easily be incorporated lightly on top of any of the recipes.

14-day + 1 Free Week

$240014 Day
  • 14 Days of Recipes + 1 Free Week
  • Meal Schedule
  • Shopping Lists

6 Weeks (42 days)

$63006 Weeks
  • 42 Days of Recipes
  • Meal Schedule
  • Shopping Lists

21-day + 1 Free Week

$350021 Day
  • 21 Days of Recipes + 1 Free Week
  • Meal Schedule
  • Shopping Lists

Answer To Your Questions

Are the meal plans Eat to Live compliant?

Yes, our meal plans are Eat to Live compliant!

How many servings are the meal plans?

Our meal plans are designed for one person.  However, some of our customers have reported that they’re not accustomed to eating so much food!  Left-overs are common and some prefer to just split the meal plan with someone.  If you’re planning to eat your 2 pounds of veggies/day, then this meal plan will work for 1 person.

Are the meal plans gluten free?

A few of the recipes in the meal plans include whole grain tortillas.  They may easily be substituted with a non-gluten tortilla or a lettuce wrap.

The recipes in the meal plans do not include salt.   What if I want salt?  Or someone that I’m cooking for wants it…? 

The recipes do not include salt, however, if you wish to include salt, it may easily be incorporated.  We recommend adding it to your food once it’s on your plate, rather than using it in your recipe.  You can spin it however you like!

Are the recipes in the meal plan pretty elaborate?  How long to they take to prepare?

Your TIME was a big consideration for us as we formulated these recipes.  We’ve done our best to make the preparation as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus on the other important things going on in your life.  Sauces, dips, and dressings can be prepped at the beginning of the week and used throughout that week’s recipes.  Soups are prepped and re-used throughout the week in various ways and precut veggies can be used for salads and side dishes.

Need some extra help to get started?

Our Jumpstart includes our world-famous meal plans, a private accountability Facebook group, video training library, weekly motivational webinars, access to the Eat to Live Daily membership site, and access to dozens of nutrient-dense, plant-based recipes to help you on your journey.  This is my way to hold your hand through the process.  Want to see the materials first-hand?