Slippery Slope- Ashley Week 3

This week was rough! Over the weekend I went out of town and did a lot of snacking. We ate out a few times, but for the most part everything was on plan. There was just more oil than I would have liked. The real trouble was the snacks! It started with “just a little of this” and “maybe a bite of that” which turned into “a handful of those” and “just a few more!” Luckily it only lasted for the weekend. I got back on plan on Monday and stuck with the routine.

This week I got on a zoodles (zucchini noodles)  kick. I ate them for dinner a few times with spaghetti sauce or coconut aminos. We had a snow day and I made some bean chili! I stuck with the lazy nutritarian theme and threw a can of low sodium black beans, a can of tomatoes, and a frozen bag of peppers/onions into a pot with my chili spice and was done in a flash.

My goals for next week are to do better on the weekend and to get to the gym. I only made it to the gym once this week, so I’m going to try to get there a few times this week. Help keep me accountable!

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Elisha is the founder of the Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook, a community of 30k plus whole-food, plant-based eaters. Elisha began blogging about this lifestyle in 2010 after discovering that it was a treatment for years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating. Today she is a mentor to thousands who are striving to adopt this lifestyle.

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