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Vegan Creamy Coconut Freeze
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You know those Mexican creamy coconut popsicles?  I miss them.  This recipe is doing a pretty stand-up job of replacing them, if I do say so myself.  If you're whole-food vegan, and you love creamy coconut stuff, you'll LOVE THIS.  Vegan never tasted so good (insert heart eyes)



  1. Blend 1 cup coconut milk, coconut extract, and dates in a high speed blender until dates are no longer chunky. Add remaining milk and blend until ingredients are well assimilated.
  2. Freeze milk mixture in an ice cube tray
  3. Once milk mixture is frozen, run cubes through a food processor, scraping sides every few minutes until well-blended. Add a few more tablespoons of coconut milk if necessary. Once a smooth consistency is reached, add coconut, pulsing processor a few times until mixed in.
  4. Serve immediately as soft-serve ice cream or (for firmer texture) pour mixture into a small baking dish and return to freezer for 2 hours before serving.