Nutritarian Pesto Sauce

/Nutritarian Pesto Sauce

Nutritarian Pesto Sauce
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Sometimes you just need a good, solid, comfort dish.  Pesto on pasta would definitely be that for me.  Here's a nutritarian pesto recipe that won't break your rhythm.  And here's something that I JUST discovered... RED LENTIL PASTA.  I like it better than some of the gluten free pastas that I've experimented with.  This one really tastes like a cheat, but it's totally legal!!



  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
  2. Heat and serve over rice, mixed veggies, or noodles. Dilute with water as needed.
  3. May be diluted with water and poured over salad.
  4. This is a salt-free pesto recipe. If you wish to add salt, wait until your food is on your plate rather than adding it to the recipe.



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