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This week was a pretty good week! I am just shy of a pound away from my 10 pound goal for this jumpstart. I am continuing to feel really good, and I’m now able to move into smaller size clothes found in the back of my closet (a true sign of a lifetime dieter…the closet resembles a clothing rack from a department store with many sizes to choose from!) I went thru my closet last week when we had some snow days and I was able to pack up 3 bags of larger sizes that I’m passing along to a friend that can use them. So, overall Week 4 was a good week for me. I can’t believe there’s only 2 more weeks of this jumpstart! 🤗


We all know that being prepared is a large part of being successful with the ETL way of life. Which means, there are some things we need to do ahead of time so that we are prepared for the upcoming week.  I usually do my grocery shopping on Friday nights and then start my prepping on Saturday.  I. . Prep. Day!! I know, you probably think I’m insane.  But, I love spending time preparing my food. I know that by spending a few hours on Saturday, I will have compliant foods ready to eat for the week, and this will keep me on track.  It removes the stress of having to come home each evening wondering what I’m going to cook.  And, now that my husband is following along (except for lunch – he still has a little meat and a few processed snacks – but I foresee that changing in the near future 😉) I have to prep a little more food, but I’m so okay with that, I’m thrilled that he’s along on this journey with me!! It really does make it easier when a spouse is willing to join you on the journey! (The teenager has not budged – he’s still choosing SAD food, but I’m not giving up on him yet!)


Last week, I shared some of the kitchen tools that I use regularly for prepping my food.  So, today I’m going to share with you what I typically prep for the week.  The very first thing I prep is Nutritarian Hummus.  Oh man, I love this stuff! And so does my husband! I learned quickly when he started eating it with me that I must double the recipe! He said, “hey, don’t ever let us run out of that golden stuff!”   (Ha, “golden” because I go heavy on the smoked paprika, it’s become a favorite spice of ours).


Oh shoot! I can’t wait, I had to have some!!

Another must have is salad dressings.  I usually prep at least 2 salad dressings and I double those recipes too.  (Ya’ll, he’s even eating the salad dressings with me and has given up his oily Thousand Island!) Two of our regulars are Pecan Balsamic Vinaigrette and Peanut Sauce.

I first bought these glass jars (Amazon.com) when I thought I was going to do a juice fast, but I found ETL before starting the fast (so glad I did!!).  They are perfect containers for my salad dressings! Now I have my dressings ready to go!

On a side note – we tried a new dressing last week – Sweet & Smokey dressing.  We both really liked it and I can see it become another regular for us.  I also prep one or two Nutritarian treats.  Some of our regulars are Nice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Oatmeal Cookie Dough or Black Bean brownies.  I have such a sweet tooth and I can let it get out of hand if I’m not careful, so I always want a compliant treat prepared so when that sweet tooth strikes, I will have some options that will keep me on track!

Ya’ll, I’ve had one brownie!!! Apparently someone else (dear hubby) has a sweet tooth too! AHHH! Looks like I’ll have to hide these and ration them out thru the week, lol! 😂.  I also include in my weekly prep at least 2 big pots of soup (I always include my onions and mushrooms in these).  It’s usually a bean soup or a vegetable soup. And, before we have our first bowl, I take some out and put into individual serving sizes for the freezer.

Last week we tried a new soup called Creamy Adobo Corn Chowder.  It was really good and had a nice little kick to it! We like spicy! 😉 I had also been chopping some salad veggies and fruit, but now that I’m having to prep more for both me and the hubs, I don’t have as much refrigerator space, plus that’s usually something we don’t mind doing each night together as we prep for supper.


After a few hours of prepping these items, I have such a feeling of relief, I feel empowered in a way, knowing that I will be prepared for the week ahead!


You know I can’t sign off without a few quotes! J

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle


And a word from the Bible – “Our people must learn to do good deeds to meet necessary demands [whatever the occasion may require], so that they will not be unproductive.” Titus 3:14 (AMP)


I would suggest you decide which ETL foods you love, and keep those foods prepared and ready to eat. It’s a great habit that can lead to a successful week!


Much love,



P.S. Oooh!! I almost forgot to share! I was introduced to roasted chick peas this week!! OMGeee! So good! You’ve got to try them! I can’t believe just a few short months ago I wouldn’t even eat chick peas.  Now I regularly eat hummus and cookie dough (both made with chick peas) and now I’m even roasting them! Fuhrman says, “You begin to like the foods you regularly eat.”  I am a believer!


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