Peggy’s Eat to Live Journey- Week 4

4 th Week of ETL

This week I am stumped on just what to share.  It has been yet another crazy week, getting the house ready to sell.  I have managed to get to the gym four times this week and I would like to count all the cleaning, painting and carting stuff out of the house as exercise too.  I am noticing that I don’t seem to “count” that as exercise since it wasn’t a formal exercise plan.  How silly is that? The bad news is it has made it very difficult to meal prep.  But I do seem to manage to make a bean soup every week.  I still use my chips and salsa as my go to meal.  Luckily I have (barely) been able to make my own corn tortilla chips.  So they are compliant.  My fiancé and I seem to go to Subway for our go to meals.  I have been having salad with no meat or cheese.  I also always seem to have a little jar of flavored vinegar with me as well.  My goal this week is to make a few of the salad dressings from the ETL program.  

Even though I have cut up veggies and homemade hummus, I find it difficult to want to eat totally in compliance when I am very tired.  My theory on that is when I eat just salads, I get hungry a short time later.  I am finding when I add some starches to my meal, usually rice or potatoes I don’t get so hungry between meals.  I have still only lost about two pounds, but I am noticing that my jeans are a little looser than they were just a few short weeks ago.  

I plan on continuing this journey however imperfectly.  I think I will do another six week journey after the house is sold and I am a little further along on the wedding plans.  This particular six week journey appears to more about the internal changes.  I must admit I have learned a lot about myself on this journey thus far.  The mindset seems to actually be the most challenging part to this journey.  The good news is my mindset is slowly changing.  I am more and more able to follow the no snacking rule.  That is hard when I have dinner at 5pm and don’t get to bed until midnight or later.  But telling myself that I am fasting until breakfast has really helped as has drinking warm tea.  I have learned to meal prep veggies, rice and bean soup even though I don’t always fix the ETL meals.  I absolutely love my sharper image chopper which allows  me to chop my veggies quickly into different size pieces.   I am learning to talk back to my sabotaging thoughts.  Now instead of saying “just this once won’t matter” I now tell myself “Yes it does  matter.  Short term loss, long term gain seems to have become my mantra. Then I realize it is more like short term gain (one minute of pleasure), long term loss (weight/no guilt).   I am no longer worried about how much weight actually comes off on this particular six week journey.  I have come to realize it is a marathon rather than a sprint.  This round I will focus on changing the mindset and the next six week journey I will focus on being more compliant.  

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Elisha is the founder of the Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook, a community of 30k plus whole-food, plant-based eaters. Elisha began blogging about this lifestyle in 2010 after discovering that it was a treatment for years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating. Today she is a mentor to thousands who are striving to adopt this lifestyle.

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