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Prep-prep-prep-prep, Success!!

I was run a little ragged by last weekend. Prepping my shopping list & doing trips to two different stores and then starting to cook on Sunday…I just felt like I needed a BREAK. Well, we didn’t take a break.

Sidebar: I live in a multi-generational household. We built a house where my brother is in the walkout basement, my parents are on the middle floor & my boyfriend and I are on the top floor. We each have our own separate entrances, kitchens, laundry, etc. But, we can help each other & really come together when it counts.

So, it works out that my mom is my total partner in crime with the Nutritarian lifestyle. She and I spent a good five hours prepping together on Sunday this past week. She did sauces and I did soups. I was exhausted but we were really well prepared.

Hello, Real Life.

As the week progressed, I couldn’t have been happier & more grateful for all the prep work we had done over the weekend. For the first two weeks, I was able to insulate myself really well. My life was decluttered & I was able to give my constant focus to what came next in the jumpstart. But, this week was different. I had a late hair appointment after work, I had calling hours for a funeral another night, and I had some really upsetting news. We found out this week that our 6-year-old former barn cat, who we adopted 10 months ago, has Pulmonary Fibrosis. His lungs are hardening & there is not a cure for this condition. We’ve started breathing treatments & we will give everything we have to keep him happy, but the prognosis is not good. I’m so in love with him and devastated.

Thank goodness I had Cuban Black Bean soup in a mason jar. Thank goodness our Creamy Thai Sauce was already made. Thank goodness the green peppers and onions for our lunch-time pizzas were already chopped. This week was a test both in terms of time and in emotional stress. It was our prep that really saved me and kept me 100% on track. In fact, because of our majorly productive prep on Sunday, I was able to finally introduce some activity back in this week!!! I got on the treadmill and got in about 40 minutes of activity. I even got the double whammy of watching this week’s webinar while I walked! Whoop!


Good news, everyone – I’ve found the cure to salad malaise. Thai Salad with Peanut Dressing. OMG. I did it, I did it!! I’ve had such hard time with salads since starting the program this time…but this week, for the first time – I ATE EVERY BITE of my salad.

This one is a keeper. I have been really surprised to find that I am HUNGRY this week. The first two weeks I would just start to feel like I “could eat,” again & was totally immune to tempting food or smells. This week has been really different. My stomach has been gnawing at me between meals, distracting me. On Tuesday, at work – our title company brought in trays and trays of catered Italian Food AND someone brought in two boxes of donuts from our local donut heaven. Seriously??? They left it out ALL DAY in the kitchen and the smell was literally (I mean literally) making me dizzy. Wait, didn’t Elisha say this means you are digging into your fat stores? Dig away!!!!


That Thing Happened.

I have hugged lot of people this week, apparently. Because every single one of them has said, “you feel tiny!!!” The strange thing is…I feel tiny as they’re hugging me. Does that make sense? It’s such an odd feeling. I also got more than one, “you look skinny!” Even from boys! Lol. It’s like you’re living and breathing, seeing every tiny change & looking around like – nothin?? And then one day – bam! Everyone notices everything. It’s so validating to all the work you have put in. This week I lost 2.9 lbs. I’m down from my starting weight of 145.3 to 132.7 – a total of 12.6 lbs! We’re about halfway through & I can’t wait to see what the second half brings. Happy journey, Friends!

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