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I love Bethany’s success story so much! Not just because of how far she’s come, but because she has gone on to help others in their journey!  Read about her amazing story on Eat to Live…

I was always on a weight loss “journey” from as early as elementary school. Fad and crash diets, watching portions, counting calories, skipping meals, you name it. Then… something just clicked. I had always been the “bigger friend”, having trouble shopping for and fitting into clothes, not being able to cross my legs, go up the stairs, or even bend over to tie my shoes without getting winded and tired. Because of my weight, I battled anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem from my early teens into my early 20s. My hair was thin, my skin was red and spotty, my mood and energy levels were very low, I had constant headaches, and was always sick with some thing or another. The hard truth was [at that moment] I was 23 years old and teetering over 230 pounds.Then, the click. I was so tired of all that. This was it. I made a promise to myself that this time was going to be different… there was no turning back. I decided to succeed, and I did.

Shortly after I decided to change my lifestyle, I discovered the Dr. Fuhrman, Eat to Live, and the Nutritarian lifestyle. My life was forever changed. I didn’t waste any time getting started and took on every challenge to make any dish into a nutritious, whole food, plant-based one.

I went on to lose over 80 pounds and have been maintaining for a couple years. In continuing to live this lifestyle, not only have I dropped a significant amount of weight, inches, and body fat… I am protecting myself against diseases, infections, pre-mature aging, helping prevent cancer, stroke, heart disease, and so much more. I have higher energy, my asthma and allergies are near gone, I sleep so much better, my skin and mind are both so much clearer, headaches are rare. I feel like I discovered who I really am.

I now help other women who are wanting serious results with this lifestyle with tools, videos, resources, and my premium monthly membership site, Nutribabe Nation.


. I am so blessed to be doing what I love and helping others gain their health and life back!

-Bethany Stec Janicek [Mrs. Love Chard], founder of

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Elisha is the founder of the Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook, a community of 30k plus whole-food, plant-based eaters. Elisha began blogging about this lifestyle in 2010 after discovering that it was a treatment for years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating. Today she is a mentor to thousands who are striving to adopt this lifestyle.

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