Karen’s Eat to Live Journey- Week 3

This week started out rough.  Monday was a day off because of the holiday.  Went to the gym and as soon as I came in the front desk worker told me I should join the three month transformation challenge.  I was really embarrassed by her suggestion and basically took at as she was telling me that I wasn’t good as is and I needed to change.  I took her comments negatively and had I not already been two weeks into this challenge I most definitely think I would have eaten away the feelings she gave me.  For someone sensitive about their week being told I should join a weightloss challenge was not something that I took well.  She only works one day at the gym, but I’m definitely not looking forward to seeing her again.
This week again was stressful workwise.  Basically every week until March 15 will most likely be stressful at work.  I don’t even know how to calm down anymore.  I have still been turning to diet soda as my stress reliever.  I was better than last week, but still don’t want to be drinking any.  Still having trouble getting my water in with the cold weather.  I found out yesterday that one of my coworkers is leaving.  Which potentially puts more stuff on my plate until her position is filled. I really don’t know what to do about stress levels there.  Before I was turning to food all the time, now diet soda, I don’t know what to do with out a crutch.  I work out almost every day and cardio, so I know that’s supposed to help stress, I can’t imagine how I would feel without that.  But no matter what I do, I just feel so stressed.  Its like I don’t know what to do, I just feel so overwhelmed and so drained.  And on the weekends I don’t want to see anyone at this point I just want to lay around and not be bothered.
One good thing that happened this week is I’m feeling like I want to keep this diet in the long run.  I have been vegetarian for about 2/3 of my life, but really thinking eating this way is good.  And hoping that at the end of these six weeks I can continue eating this way and will be able to control myself enough to have some treats without going overboard.
It’s weird not tracking all my food, I really hope that I’m losing, as I don’t weigh myself and am not tracking my calories.  I like to think I’m slowly getting smaller, but I’m really not sure.
My food this week has been oatmeal breakfast with fruit, salad for lunch and either soup or cauliflower/tofu combos for dinner.
I have confidence that foodwise this upcoming week should be strong.

I do see some potential issues in my future with my coworkers going away party, and possibly the super bowl.  But I will cross that path in two weeks when it gets here.  Until next week.

My Yonanas maker was a wedding gift and it’s so awesome with this diet since lots of fruit is allowed. My favorite combo is 2 bananas and one serving of blueberries. Dark bananas work best. Pictured amount is only one small banana since I’m running out.





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Elisha is the founder of the Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook, a community of 30k plus whole-food, plant-based eaters. Elisha began blogging about this lifestyle in 2010 after discovering that it was a treatment for years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating. Today she is a mentor to thousands who are striving to adopt this lifestyle.

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