Here’s the unfortunate truth:  MOTIVATION is a fickle friend.  When she’s around, goals are achievable because you’re excited about what’s ahead.  But if you’re banking on MOTIVATION in order to get your life together,  you might want to rethink your plan.  We’ve all been there.  You’re pumped for the new year.  You’ve got your vision board laid out, your calendar planned.  THIS. IS. IT.  No looking back this time!!!  And then by about 6 weeks into the year, your lofty goal seems to slowly slip until you’re back where you started.  I know you’ve been there because we’ve ALL been there.

In my mind, there are 2 modes that make us function:  1) motivation and 2) autopilot.  Motivation is the enthusiasm and the vision!  It requires energy and emotion. AUTOPILOT, on the other hand, is your habit zone.  You can do it without thinking.  It takes very little emotional energy.  Activities that fall into this zone started either out of necessity or importance.  Taking a shower, emptying the dishwasher, making lunch…. Now think about the things that you do throughout your daily routine.  Where do they fall?

If you go for a run everyday you’re either doing it because you’re anxious to make change, or it’s because you’ve done it everyday for the last 18 months and now it takes very little thought or effort.  .  So what about the in-between?  What happens when you’re NOT motivated to do something, and it’s NOT in autopilot?  Something important.  Something like… MAKING A SALAD.  DOING YOGA.  WRITING IN YOUR JOURNAL.  Maybe at some point you started because at THAT point you were motivated but that motivation has faded.   Here’s a great little trick to get you from where you are to where you want to be, WITHOUT having to rely on your own personal drive.  The FIVE SECOND RULE…

Week 4 Alternate Meal Plans