This week our Jumpstart theme is “Mastering the mental game!”  It’s so important now, especially, as you embark on what may be the thick of your detox experience.  As you begin to shed fat and clean up your eating habits, it’s likely that you’ll feel less than your best. First, know that process is critical. You may have a headache if you’re giving up caffeine and if your diet was full of junk food, but although it feels uncomfortable, your body is probably healing!  Toxins are making their way out of your system.  So remember to stay hydrated, get sufficient rest, and don’t over stress yourself.

This week, I’m bringing in the master of this topic, Ms. Kimberley Handley!  We’re blessed to have her in our community and I think you will love these tips and tricks that she uses to keep her head in the game during these first few weeks of detox!!

3 Tips from Kimberley

Week 3 Meal Plan

Week 3 Alternate Meal Plans