Welcome to your first week of the Jumpstart.  Each week, a few resources are provided to guide you through the journey.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A topic and video, sometimes with accompanying exercises and printable materials.
  • Your weekly meal plan with a schedule, recipe book, shopping list, and meal prep sheet
  • Alternate meal plan options for those on opposite season in the world.


In a community of over 60k people, we’ve seen this complaint and frustration over and over again…. “WHY AM I NOT LOSING WEIGHT?”  For the majority of our members that put the 6-Week Plan to work, the weight comes off swiftly.  But what about those who DON’T?  I’m going to be honest here… it is usually due to a lack of planning or tracking.  You may be eating Whole food plant based, but you might be eating too much of the wrong foods without even realizing it.  Eating loads of avocado toast and vegan chocolate mousse will certainly be a better choice than what you were doing last year at this time, but remember, if you want to actually LOSE weight, you’ve gotta watch your grain, nuts, seeds, and starchy veggies.  You already know this, but it is SO EASY to let our awareness slip!  A little extra baked french fry here, a little handful of nuts there… YOU MUST TRACK WHAT YOU’RE EATING. Here are the two approaches that I advocate:

  1. USE THE MEAL PLANS.  All of your foods are figured out so as long as you follow the PLAN, you’ll be on par for weight loss. Use the ETLD calendar for the entire 6 weeks to track your weight, your mood, and anything else that’s applicable to your journey!  This will help you stay in touch with your progress and motivate you to keep moving forward.
  2. USE TRACKING MATERIALS!!  If you’re not doing the ETLD meal plans, that’s okay!  But this can be a slippery slope if you’re not a seasoned Eat to Live’r.    If you’re going to do your own meal planning (The DIY approach) use the *CHEAT SHEET and  *CHECKLIST to plan and STAY on track.

*I’ve provided the checklist and cheatsheet below for you to print out.  They’re also included int your Jumpstart Kit.

I also recommend incorporating any additional journaling or tracking that you feel drawn to.  Some people love to use a food journal.  Others love to incorporate stickers, colored markers, or inspirational words into their daily tracking routine.  Whatever you do, MAKE IT YOURS!!

Below is a video from community member, Samantha who has done some beautiful tracking for her WFPB journey.  I hope that this inspires you to implement some of your own!

Tracking Your Progress – Samantha Hughes

Week 1 Meal Plan

Here’s your meal plan for week 1.  These meal plans are specifically designed for those who are making the transition into this new lifestyle, so we recommend that you start here.  But we also provide you with 2 alternate meal plans each week. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find summer and winter meal plan options!

Week 1 Supplemental Material

Week 1 Alternate Meal Plans