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You Deserve To Learn The Truth & Stop The Cycle… Get Your plant-based lifestyle started now!

  • 6 weekly meal plans
  • Video training
  • Private support group

What will your story be…

IT TOOK ME 6 AND A HALF MONTHS to lose 60+ pounds and completely change how I care for myself following Eat to Live principles, the Jumpstarts, and the Plant Based Accountability Group. My allergies, joint pain, skin issues, headaches, and other inflammation were all relieved, my hormones balances, I have a whole new relationship with stress and self-care, and have more hope than I’ve ever had for the future.

Amy T

It’s my Nutritarian birthday! I’m a mom of 5 (4-18), and a busy junior high teacher. Thanksgiving weekend last year saw me at almost 42 so sick and miserable with a nasty skin infection taking over my ear, inflammation everywhere, including allergies, tennis elbow and back problems, hormonal imbalances, and so on. Seven months later, I’d lost all the weight Dr. Fuhrman recommends (129-131 pounds at 5’10”), and it’s stayed off quite easily since. I’ve learned how to cook and eat in all new ways (Thanks to this group), constructed new habits of thinking and self-care (Thanks to Elisha’s Jumpstart & Accountability group)

Katie F

WHEN I FOUND ELISHA LEE ON EAT TO LIVE DAILY, I began blazing a new path. I was excited to begin this new journey but I had no idea how this one decision, this one commitment to eat Nutritarian would so profoundly impact my life. With the help of Elisha Lee’s AMAZING Jumpstart Accountability Group, I have completely transformed my life!


Regardless of where you are now:

…whether you’ve got 100 pounds to lose

…or you’re trying to take off those last stubborn 20

(or somewhere in between)

The Plant-based Lifestyle is the
vehicle to get you from
where you are now to where you want to be!



The ETLD membership site houses all of the important resources: The Recipe Center, Meal Plans, Customizable Meal Planner, Video Library, and weight loss tracking materials.


Our plant-based meal plans  include the perfect portions of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans to help you lose weight quickly.  There’s no figuring it out.  It’s all done for you.


Weekly webinars, daily and weekly checkins, group mastermind sessions, and minute-to-minute correspondence, this is quite arguably the most valuable aspect of the program.

Plant-based Jumpstart Kit ($200 Value)

  • An easy-to-follow, full 6-week meal plan including meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts! Takes the brain work out of meal planning!

  • Includes over 30 whole-food plant-based recipes that your family will enjoy!

  • Includes goal planning worksheets, daily food checklists, and an accountability calendar

  • Includes a full list of all the types of foods and beverages you should eat and which you should avoid!

Step by Step Video Training Guide ($85 Value)

  • Video introduction to the Jumpstart

  • Outline of all program materials

  • Advice on how to be successful on the program

  • A detailed breakdown of your food program including what to eat (and what NOT to eat!)

  • A breakdown of what to expect as your body enters the inevitable detox phase

  • Helpful past webinars, interviews,  and recipe videos

Facebook Accountability Group ($55 Value)

  • Weekly meetings

  • Constant interaction with teammates who are experiencing the journey along side you.

  • Interaction with mentors who’ve successfully achieved their health and weight loss goals on the plan.

  • Recipe ideas and bonus program materials

  • Ongoing challenges to keep group members motivated on every level.

This 6-week Jumpstart program has helped thousands lose weight and achieve not only their weight loss goals, but their life goals as well…  This six week plant-based detox will get you through the big transition with support and guidance. No commitment.
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Pick Your Plan

One-time Jumpstart

$6300One-time payment
  • Training videos
  • Facebook accountability group
  • Video Library
  • 18 meal plan options
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Simple Recipes

Monthly Membership

$57$24 monthly after 7 weeks
  • Video Training Library
  • Facebook accountability group
  • Video Library
  • Entire meal plan library (for every level)
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Jumpstart Challenges

In August 2017, I finally found “Eat to Live Support Group”, and then I joined Elisha’s accountability group. I truly love the intimate camaraderie, and the abundance of support materials in the form of webinars, interviews, and online meal plans. Highly recommended! I started at 252, and lost 25 pounds over the course of two years just by giving up sugary drinks. In late October, 2015, I became a Nutritarian and I have lost down to 126. My goal is 120. I barely remember what I felt like before, but I do know I had frequent migraines, and felt drug-out and sluggish most of the time.

Sandra M

I was freaked out and needed to do something and that’s when I discovered Elisha and Eat to Live Daily! Since joining this amazing accountability group I’ve lost the weight I gained and more and now pretty consistently weigh in the range of 138-141! Now I’m almost ready to turn 60 and I’m in the best shape of my life! Elisha and everyone here is so supportive and inspirational and everyone is always willing to share knowledge and information! It is not weak to need and seek help it is powerful and empowering! This is not a diet it is a lifestyle and I will never go back!!

Shelly D

Live Daily Monthly Membership Experience Includes: 

  • Training videos

  • Weekly meal plans with shopping lists and meal prep instructions

  • Facebook accountability group with regular online webinars and meet-ups

  • Weight loss tracking materials, cheat sheet, checklist, and printable calendar

  • On-going 6-week challenges within the group

  • Video Library

  • At least one new recipe added to the ETLD Recipe Center each week

With detailed shopping lists and meal prep instructions, you wont have excess food to throw away.

Your membership easily pays for itself!

What Are People Saying

“It’s a superior program I would recommend to anyone. Elisha’s approach, her caring, her positivity, her obvious personal experience, her intelligence and knowledge, her vivaciousness and smiles, obviously hard work and dedication, those things make it happen…”

Sunny R.

The jumpstart was a game changer for me! I learned so much from the videos and enjoyed trying out the new recipes…”

Emily E.

The Jumpstart was exactly what I needed to revamp my progress toward a healthy future!”

Emily E.

“Meal plans.  They’ve made it so easy to eat well easily and deliciously.  I would absolutely recommend this program!  I’ve gained so much confidence in how to make ETL recipes taste delicious!”

Caitlin F.

Just chiming in here to say that Elisha, your recipes are delicious!  I’ve been eating WFPB for a long time and my taste buds are just delighted + I’m excited to cook and prep again.  Thank you

Melissa M

“I’m losing weight and people are noticing.  I’m noticing!  I’m wearing clothes in my closet that I haven’t put on for years.  It’s exciting.”

Kelli W.

Answers To Your Important Questions

Are the meal plans Eat to Live compliant?

Yes, our meal plans are Eat to Live compliant!

How many servings are the meal plans?

Our meal plans are designed for one person.  However, some of our customers have reported that they’re not accustomed to eating so much food!  Left-overs are common and some prefer to just split the meal plan with someone.  If you’re planning to eat your 2 pounds of veggies/day, then this meal plan will work for 1 person.

Are the meal plans gluten free?

A few of the recipes in the meal plans include whole grain tortillas.  They may easily be substituted with a non-gluten tortilla or a lettuce wrap.

The recipes in the meal plans do not include salt.   What if I want salt?  Or someone that I’m cooking for wants it…? 

The recipes do not include salt, however, if you wish to include salt, it may easily be incorporated.  We recommend adding it to your food once it’s on your plate, rather than using it in your recipe.  You can spin it however you like!

Are the recipes in the meal plan pretty elaborate?  How long to they take to prepare?

Your TIME was a big consideration for us as we formulated these recipes.  We’ve done our best to make the preparation as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus on the other important things going on in your life.  Sauces, dips, and dressings can be prepped at the beginning of the week and used throughout that week’s recipes.  Soups are prepped and re-used throughout the week in various ways and precut veggies can be used for salads and side dishes.

Jumpstart Alumni! We have a plan for YOU

Live Daily Monthly Membership

Want to stay plant-based for life? Our membership includes Jumpstart materials plus ongoing team challenges, and new recipes and meal plans every week of the year.  At $6/week the plan essentially pays for itself.