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Uber Veggie Soup

Uber Veggie Soup - - Red Lentils, Vegetable Broth, zucchini (chopped), carrots (chopped), yellow onion (chopped), thyme, basil, tomato paste, Cloves garlic (chopped), whole black peppercorns, white beans, tomato (chopped), Water-sauté tomato, vegetables and herbs for 2-3 mins.; Add lentils, beans, and vegetable broth; Simmer for 25 minutes or until lentils are tender; [...]

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Lentil Lettuce Wrap

Lentil Lettuce Wrap - - celery stalks, ginger, Shredded Carrots, water chestnuts (small), Cloves garlic (minced), kale, Red Lentils, Romain Lettuce Leaves, Creamy Thai Sauce ((Optional)), Cook Lentil according to package directions. ; In a heated pan, water sauté ginger, carrots, garlic and celery until vegetables are tender but not overcooked. ; Stir [...]

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Best Ever Lentil Soup

Best Ever Lentil Soup - This lentil soup is my absolute favorite. I prep this soup practically every week and then warm it up with whatever "fusion" I'm feeling that day. Italian (adding marinara and fresh chopped basil) Thai (stirring in coconut milk, thai seasonings and lime), Indian (coconut milk and curry powder!) [...]

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