Gratitude- Amy Week 6

Wow, Week 6. How crazy?! It feels like it has flown and it feels like it was the longest haul of my life, in some ways. I’m leaving this six weeks with overflowing gratitude and positivity about the future. A part of me is nervous about letting go of this structure and extreme form of accountability…but to be honest, I think I’m ready. I was close when this six weeks started. This was the push I needed and the strictness I needed to get there fully, on my own.

This weekend I am going to be creating my own Week 1 Meal Plan. This meal plan will not only include lots of Elisha’s amazing tried-and-true recipes, but also her format. I plan on replenishing my binder like I have every week – with a list of daily meals, a section of recipes, a ready-to-go shopping list & even a Meal Prep guide. I’m actually hoping to be able to create my own little database of these with all the recipes we LOVE & quantities tailored to us. I am going to reassess after a week or two of doing this & see where I want to go in the coming weeks. Possibilities include: switching to the quick weight loss plan for a week or two, or – planning for “unplanned” meals. I definitely want to keep including as much structure as I can for a while, since it is working. Will I ever be able to just wing it, in life? I don’t know…I guess we’ll see!

This week I listened to Bright Line Eating on audio book. I have to say that while I didn’t necessarily identify with some of principles of the book – I found it absolutely riveting & very powerful. I’m so, so glad I listened. I’m so, so glad this group brought this book into my life. A huge take away for me this week has been GRATITUDE. Because of Bright Line Eating, I started a gratitude journal I have written in every night. I also ordered a meditation bench to encourage my meditation practice. I feel like clean eating and a lighter, freer body makes space for other positive changes. I’m ready to take the next step.

While there is discussion of continuing this wonderful journaling journey, I will have to let it go for now. I know I don’t have to explain or list or enumerate all of the other “things” I have going on that are vying for my time and attention. I find that in trying to wrap this up, I am getting emotional! I am so incredibly grateful for this community. While I might be letting go of the journaling aspect – I will absolutely be signing up for the monthly plan & staying in touch. I have grown so attached to our group and I feel so invisibly (or visibly, depending!) supported at all times. It is wonderful and has made such a huge difference in my long Eat to Live journey.

I had probably the most annoying final weigh-in ever, lol. I got down to 128.7 this week, but alas – final weigh-in day I am randomly 131.2. My fat percentage is the lowest it has been, so I know this number is a fluke, but we will go with it. My starting weight was 145.3 & my final weight was 131.2. I lost 14.1 pounds in six weeks. My heart rate dropped from 77 bpm in December to 57 bpm, today…with very little activity! All food, glorious food. My skin is glowing & I am just ecstatic with my results. Thank you to everyone for sharing this experience with me. Always & forever – Happy journey, Friends! : )


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