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What is Eat to Live

Eat to Live is a book written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  And, in case you haven't noticed, it's our favorite whole-food, plant-based program around.  Dr. Fuhrman refers to this lifestyle as NUTRITARIAN.  It differentiates from the term "Vegan" because it's not just about eliminating animal products from the diet, rather,  it is centered on the principle [...]

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Why is Eat to Live superior to other diets?

The effects of living a whole-food, plant-based diet are remarkable.  Here are a few of outstanding benefits of living this way: The end of food addiction - Within the first few weeks, toxic food cravings that keep us wanting more processed, sugary, salty, and processed junk food diminish, and eventually, they disappear.  After a few months, [...]

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Can you eat eggs on Eat to Live?

Animal products are not allowed on Eat to live.  That includes meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, and eggs.  That being said, Dr. Fuhrman refers a lot to his "90% rule".  This works best if applied once you've achieved your health and weight loss goals.  It generally means that 90% of your calories are from compliant [...]

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When do food cravings go away on Eat to Live?

This is a great question, and probably the most common.  Transitioning into this lifestyle can be difficult physically and psychologically.  Food addiction is real and there are many components involved.  One HUGE component is the food itself.  In the early 2000's, a group of scientists at UC Irvine discovered that certain chemicals found in foods [...]

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Why No Salt on Eat to Live?

In the book, Dr. Fuhrman addresses this question by first clarifying that this is a program designed for weight loss and those who want to achieve great health.  To do that, it's important that we don't use excess salt, beyond what is contained in our foods naturally.  Numerous studies have connected excess salt use to heart [...]

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What’s better for weight loss? Paleo or Vegan?

There are many diets that will make you lose weight.  Paleo is one of them.  The difference between Paleo and Nutritarian is the science behind them.  When we're talking about diet, the measure of efficacy should not be based on weight loss results alone.    After decades of research, this is no longer much of a controversy.  In [...]

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How do I start and maintain a Nutritarian Diet?

Start by reading the book, Eat to Live, by Dr. Fuhrman or his other books, The End of Dieting, Eat for Health, or Super Immunity.   Then here are a few tips for starting and maintaining a Nutritarian Diet: Make salad your main dish. Your food should be colorful.  Use a large variation of colorful fruits and [...]

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I just started Eat to Live. What is a GBOMB?

If you've just started reading Eat to Live or joined our Support Group on Facebook, you've likely heard our members talk about GBOMBS.  You've probably heard that they're important, that you should have them every day... so what exactly are they? GBOMB is an acronym to remind us about these important foods: Greens, Berries, Onions, Mushrooms, [...]

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Why don’t your recipes include portion sizes?

The reason that my recipe book does not include portion sizes is because you're free to eat as MANY vegetables and fruits as you can.  The more you eat high-nutrient foods, the faster your body will accumulate the nutrients that it needs to overcome toxic food cravings and the faster you'll lose weight.  The only [...]

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