Dr. Fuhrman encourages those who are on his Eat to Live 6 week plan to eat as many vegetables and fruits as they can. The driving principle here is nutrient density. The more nutrients you can eat, the better. That being said, there are a few foods that should be limited. Nuts, starchy vegetables, whole grains, soy milk, avocado, and ground flax. When using Nutritarian recipes, those are the only foods that should be portioned out. Your cooked and raw vegetables should be eaten without restriction – with 2 pounds being your minimum. Here’s the breakdown for your “Limited Foods”

Starchy Veggies/whole grains – max 1 cup daily
Raw nuts and seeds – max 1oz daily
Soy milk (no sugar added): max 1 oz daily
Avocado: max 2 oz. daily
Ground Flax: max 1 Tablespoon Daily

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