The effects of living a whole-food, plant-based diet are remarkable.  Here are a few of outstanding benefits of living this way:

  • The end of food addiction – Within the first few weeks, toxic food cravings that keep us wanting more processed, sugary, salty, and processed junk food diminish, and eventually, they disappear.  After a few months, they completely disappear.
  • Weight Loss – Dr. Fuhrman explains that weight loss is just a side effect – which is kind of funny since the majority of people that start this diet DO IT to lose weight.  But it’s true!  Losing weight is really just a side effect.  Eating a nutrient-dense diet changes the body on every level.  From skin to hair to every vital organ in the body.  When you experience these changes you realize that weight loss really is just a side effect.
  • Health Benefits – Many members of our community experience a relief in symptoms from autoimmune disease. Many have reported lowered blood pressure, increased energy, and again (of course) weight loss.
  • Breaking free of food addiction – Dr. Fuhrman explains that most of the “hunger” that we experience is actually not hunger at all.  In most cases, it’s a component of food addiction and a result of eating a low-nutrient diet.  Symptoms of this “toxic hunger,” as he describes it, are headaches, fatigue, nausea, weakness, mental confusion, and stomach cramping.  After several weeks on a high-nutrient diet, this toxic hunger disappears.
  • No giving up carbs – Surprise, surprise. You don’t have to cut out carbs to lose weight.  In fact, unrefined carbs ENCOURAGE weight loss.  On the Eat to Live 6 week plan, you’ll enjoy whole grains, potatoes, fruits, and many more delicious, nutrient-dense “carbs.”
  • Acne Treatment – Dr. Fuhrman explains that a Nutritarian diet can be the primary strategy to resolve acne and keep it from coming back.  Along with every other system in the body, the skin benefits from a high nutrient, no-junk diet.
  • Longevity – A nutrient-dense diet has not only been proven to extend life-span, it also greatly increases the quality of life.  Again, as Dr. Fuhrman puts it, weight loss is just one of the side effects.