Starting Eat to Live?

Here’s my free Eat to Live Startup Kit!

It’s everything you need to get started once you’ve read the book!  My Nutritarian recipe book, an Eat to Live cheat sheet, a daily food checklist, and access into our free Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook.

Eat to Live is a whole-food, plant-based program that centers on the principle of nutrient density.  And when you get the junk out of your diet and flood your body with nutrients, amazing things happen.  Your skin starts to glow, the weight falls off, and your energy improves (aside from a gamut of other potential health improvements).

Just starting Eat to Live?  Have you read the book?  If not, start here by getting the book!



Here’s what the free Eat to Live/Nutritarian start kit includes:

Free Nutritarian Recipes

When you’re starting Eat to Live, recipes are really the key to staying on track.  Your basic formula for the program is 1 pound raw veggies, 1 pound cooked veggies, fruit, beans/lentils, whole grains, and nuts/seeds.  The best way to think about this is that the SALAD is your main dish.  The recipe book is not a substitute for Dr. Fuhrman’s own recipes and it’s certainly NOT a sub for the book, itself.  But once you’ve read Eat to Live, I think you’ll really enjoy finding additional delicious nutritarian recipes!

Cheat Sheet

Once you’re on a role, you won’t need a cheat sheet.  But as you’re starting out, this can be a great resource to help keep yourself on track!  This is a breakdown of the diet… how much bread can you eat on Eat to Live?  How much fat?  and so on… Stick this baby right where you can see it each day before you start cooking.

Daily Food Checklist

Whether you just started, or you’re a long-time Eat to Live’r, the daily food checklist is a resource that you need.  Many  people wonder… what can I do when I hit a weight plateau even while being “strict” on this whole-food, plant-based lifestyle.  But the reality is, many of us just get a little lazy.  It’s important to track your foods when you hit a plateau.  Make sure you’re not eating more than the prescribed number of grains or fats.  Keep yourself in check!

Access to Facebook Support Group

Our Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook is a priceless resource as you embark on this lifestyle. There, thousands of Eat to Live’rs share recipes, tips, questions, success stories, and more.  You will feel right at home in this judgement-free, supportive environment.  And with 14K+ people, your Eat to Live questions are answered almost immediately.

Click on the image below to get your starter kit:

Cheat Sheet