Eat to Live 6 Week Challenge- Jacqueline Week 1

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One week down and I’m feeling really good. Dare I say it was a little easier than I thought it would be or would that be jinxing myself?! My husband and I dove right in, and I think that all of the conversations leading to this point (me talking, him listening) made the getting started part a little easier. A few minor detox symptoms; a couple of headaches and we were freezing, but other than that – good. I wasn’t overly hungry, which I thought I would be for sure and really enjoyed the meals.

I really enjoyed preparing and cooking in general. I always have, but have been in a rut for so long that I would choose the easier, unhealthy option over a little time in the kitchen. It was nice being able to rekindle my relationship with cooking, and I’m looking forward to doing more of it in the coming weeks. Recipe-wise, we’ve been winging it; testing out a few things and learning along the way. This was partly because I was waiting for some ingredients to arrive to test the meal plan recipes (die hard online grocery shopper) and part I need to get better organized. However, I did make the Best Ever Lentil Soup, and it is a keeper! I’ve had it every day and probably will for a while, it’s delic. I’m gearing up for the week ahead and hope to try more of the meal plan recipes.

This week definitely was a test of willpower too. Although I’m getting my boys to at least try some veggies and new foods which is a big deal, kid food is still a staple, and dodging those leftover pb & j sandwiches and goldfish crackers has been tough. Normally I would take on the role of garbage disposal, eating all leftover food because it would be crazy to waste it, right?! You know what’s not crazy? An increasing waistline. So I will be strong! No more crust consumption or sneaking cookies when no one’s watching.

Moving forward, the struggle for me will be organization and giving myself enough time to prep and cook while I also need to be momming. Also, I’m a little concerned the next several weeks are going to be pretty pricey. I had to shop three times this week! The amount of vegetables that normally would have lasted me a week lasted maybe two and a half days. But I’m going to be optimistic, I’m eating every cent of what I’m getting at the store instead of throwing a lot away, I’m not spending money on junk food, and my health and waistline will thank me for it.


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Elisha is the founder of the Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook, a community of 30k plus whole-food, plant-based eaters. Elisha began blogging about this lifestyle in 2010 after discovering that it was a treatment for years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating. Today she is a mentor to thousands who are striving to adopt this lifestyle.

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