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Mucinex and Midol

That pretty much sums up my first week, but I stuck to the plan! I have done ETL before, so I have several go-to recipes. I stuck with my  go-to breakfast every day this week. It is Dr. Fuhrman’s Chocolate Smoothie. I have one of those $15 single serve blenders from Walmart that makes it very easy with no mess and I can just walk out the door with the smoothie in the blender cup. But be sure to check your face for brown gunk before walking into work! I love this smoothie because it is a good way to get in a lot of greens right off the bat.

For lunch this week I had big salads with the hummus recipe from Eat To Live Daily! I make my hummus in the same blender I use for the smoothies. I added tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumbers to my salad and ate the dish with balsamic vinegar. One day this week I went out with co-workers to a Mexican restaurant and had some veggies and a large bowl of black beans. I’m sure it had more sodium than I should have, but I try to balance things by not adding any salt to anything at home.

My goal is to learn how to Eat To Live without compromising my social life. I have tried Whole 30 done ETL before, and both times I felt as though I could not eat out with my friends. I know that eating out may mean that things are cooked in oil or have more salt, but I think as long as I do not have ANY while at home, it will not derail my results and will allow me to incorporate this as a lifestyle. I am trying to find the right balance that allows me to continue with the plan long term and not be waiting for the end of the 6 weeks or 30 days to pick things back up with my friends. Throughout the week, I did not eat any of the “limited” foods on the 6 week plan. I didn’t consume any whole grains or starchy vegetables because I want to maximize my results and save those foods for when I feel like cheating or when eating out.

Friday night was the real test. I was invited out to a pizza restaurant. Luckily this restaurant is very vegan friendly and I was able to check ingredients before arriving! I ordered a small pizza with a whole wheat (vegan) crust, no cheese, tomato sauce and lots of mushrooms, onions and sun dried tomatoes. The crust definitely had oil and salt in it and a bit of molasses instead of sugar, but I felt like this was a good option for me to feel satisfied while going out without going completely off plan.

I am counting week one as a success! I am down 6.2 pounds so far and I am eager to see what happens next week!


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