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Hey All!!! So, this is a bit of a truncated week for the ETL Journaling Team. We began on Tuesday, January 2nd & our first journal entry is coming in on Saturday, January 6th…but, as anyone who has embarked on the six-week ETL plan knows – there is PLENTY to say after the first 4 or 5 days! It’s been a (short) week of challenges for me, that’s for sure.

Caffeine. I really thought I had mostly gotten off the caffeine train before starting the six-week plan. Now I’m starting to wonder if I’m detoxing from everything and that’s what is making the symptoms so extra. On Tuesday I had an absolutely debilitating headache. It’s sort of gotten under control as the week has gone on, but I’m still dabbling in the caffeine just so I can keep functioning and go to work. I’ve been taking halves of Excedrin when the pain starts to get distracting, or put my really tight tie dye sports headband straight around my forehead (Dr. Fuhrman recommends compression for headaches)… and then of course ask my boyfriend if he thinks I’m hot :). I’m down to 1 ½, hopefully next week I will be detoxed from some other things & can knock it out!

ALL.THE.VEGETABLES. Hey, hi, Full Color Salad – I’m freaking FULL. I don’t get it

This week I’m having a hard time reconciling eating so much (at only three sittings) but not eating until you’re full. I’m trying to be patient with myself on this one. I know that in the past when I’ve been on a great ETL streak, I’ve been able to eat enormous salads. I’m assuming my body is just readjusting to the volume and the feel of all these veggies, so I’m just eating the things I’m supposed to eat until I’m full and then I’m stopping.

I have been doing the Eat to Live Daily Jumpstart meal plans. This is pretty amazing. I also always forget how much food it is to shop for and fit in your refrigerator.

I’ve been struggling a bit to keep up with all the prep while not feeling great & didn’t get a great head start before the week started. This weekend, my mom is on board & we have a date from 12:00-3:00 on Sunday to do prep together. I think this should help a lot next week! The food has been yummy and I LOVE not having to think for myself.

Oh fruit, you are my beeest friend – thanks for helping me make this short week a SUCCESS. The fruit is what gets me through in the beginning. I look forward to my little piece of fruit at the end of lunch, and have just been doing a piece of fruit for dessert at night instead of the Nice Cream or other treats. No cheats, no snacks! My pants on Friday are literally looser than they were just last week?!

I’m down from my starting weight of 145.3 to – 137.1 – 8.2 pounds!!! I’m already seeing changes and even though it has been a bit of a fight, it’s been so worth it, already!

Happy Journey, friends!



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