If you haven’t already checked out our Facebook groups, this is definitely where the party is going on!!  Here are a few worth mentioning.

Plant Based Moms

The Plant Based Moms group on Facebook is my brand-new project and if it’s anything like the Eat to Live Support Group, it will be an AMAZING place to share tips on the topic that’s plaguing all of us: HOW DO WE GET OUR KIDS TO EAT THEIR VEGGIES???  Here’s a free place to share plant-based recipes that kids love and get ideas for getting more nutrients to our kids!  Come join:

Eat to Live Support Group

The Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook is a powerhouse that I take no credit for.  I set it up in 2011 (or sometime around then) just because I needed to find other people were living this way, but it soon gained a life of its own.  The people in this group are some of the kindest anywhere.  And with over 40K people, you could say that it’s just the warmest plant-based city in the world.  Compassion is the name of the game here.  Not everyone is entirely vegan, and many people are just doing their best to hold on because they know it’s the best thing they can possibly do for their health. The general ideal here is that a plant-based lifestyle is best, but we’re all on a bumpy journey to make it a permanent change.  We’re all a work in progress and we’re all there to help each other.  Okay, okay, enough bragging about my amazing people. If you want to get into the best plant-based group on Facebook, click the link below, request to join, and answer a few questions so I know you’re not a spammer.  You’re gonna love it.


Plant Based Accountability Group

While the other two groups are amazing (and free), this one is part of the Eat to Live Daily coaching program and this is where we REALLY get serious about going plant based.  The group is available to the ETLD Jumpstarters and the Complete Maintenance Members.  This is a support group on steroids.  Detailed weekly meal plans with shopping lists, weekly webinars, tracking materials, video training modules, a recipe center, and a customizable meal planner that allows jumpstarters to shuffle their meals around and then produce an accompanying shopping list. All for $39.  You can jump in any time and I highly recommend it it you need a kick in the rear:


That’s about it for now!  Any suggestions for future projects for free groups?  Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new ideas!!!

Love ya guys!