Catrina Week 2: Cravings and More Cravings!!

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Week 2 was definitely harder for me than week 1. The first week I was under the weather, and I didn’t really feel like eating much of anything. As soon as I started feeling better the cravings came back full force! I feel like all I wanted to eat was chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Late at night I used to eat handfuls of semi sweet chocolate morsels. I know it’s not healthy, but I LOVE them so much. Also chocolate hummus. I definitely craved strawberries dipped in chocolate hummus (or just by the spoonful haha). This week has definitely put me to the test. Instead of giving into the cravings though, I would snack on fruit. I know snacking after meals isn’t part of what I should be doing this week, but it helped so much! A morning smoothie has helped get something sweet but still healthy in. My daughter has been loving them with me.

Another tough one I had this week was a recipe I was so excited for. I had found it off Pinterest, but that was a total flop. I bought the groceries for the recipe, spent time cooking it- it even looked good (photo below) and it was not good. It was pretty awful to be honest. It was a bit defeating, because I wasn’t going to make my family eat it when I could barely stand it. So I cooked them a second dinner, and then ate enough to fill me up (luckily not much- I think it made me lose my appetite) and then fed it to our dogs. On the bright side they LOVED it and thought I was the best. Ha!

A recipe I did love was “tuno” from this website. I also made myself homemade almond butter to help replace my peanut butter addiction, and it was so good. I went over my daily nut allowance everyday with it, but it was so good!!

I lost 1.4 pounds this week for a total of 4.6 in 12 days. I was a bit deflated when I weighed myself Saturday morning, because I honestly hoped to lose more. But I told myself a loss is a loss, an it’s better than I would have done eating chocolate by the handful. Also, one win I had was that by the end of the week the chocolate cravings were gone! Don’t get me wrong, when I see some I want it, but it’s not all I can think about when I’m hungry. I hope by the end of the 6 weeks my taste buds will have changed and my sugar cravings are a thing of the past. I’m looking forward to where week 3 takes me.

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  1. Shelly D January 18, 2018 at 10:14 am - Reply

    Good job avoiding those cravings Catrina and congrats on the weight loss! Sometimes it just comes off so slowly, I get super impatient too!

  2. Elisha, CNC January 18, 2018 at 1:33 pm - Reply

    Catrina, I’m dying to know… is that the dish that flopped? LOL!

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