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This week has been one big test to say the least.  My last journal entry, I sat extremely full feeling sick from all the food that I had eaten since I ended up spending the NYE  alone w/ hubby at work.  The next day I woke up determined to get back on track.  My husband threw the first thoughts of temptation at me, by saying just start tomorrow.  How often do we have the day off together?  Well he’s right.  It would have been great to eat and eat together, but I decided to stay on track. Plus he’s the skinny one who can eat whatever he wants whenever. I know how I am.  I tend to keep saying tomorrow I’ll get back on track.  There is always a tomorrow, and then before I know it weeks have gone by and I wonder why I haven’t lost weight so I stayed strong.
I arrived at work the next day and my coworker handed me eggnog gelato.  I know she did it to be nice, but I was just thinking in my head oh my gosh I want to eat this so bad but I can’t!  We had been searching for the talenti gelato flavor all of December and she finally found it.  Ugh challenge #2.  I was only 24 hours into this and already having to say no to my husband and friend, but really wanting to stay committed to what I set out to do.
To recap some more stuff in my week, I’ll start w/ the good.
The good-
I got a promotion, this is good and bad. The girl who reports to me now I know she is upset as she has been there longer then me, and doesn’t like to take direction.  So good, but more added stress for me.
I got a raise, also yay, but the bad, I changed from hourly to salary so now my OT will mean nothing.
Also good I stayed true to my diet. When I first signed up I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this.  I didn’t really see what I was going to get out of this.  I thought I am documenting my life and sharing this with strangers for absolutely no compensation at all?  Why am I doing this?  Well I will tell you that if I wasn’t documenting this, I would have probably cheated big time at least two or three days.  So now I know why I’m doing this.  For a higher level of accountability then I have been able to maintain on my own.  I had tons of stress at work, I was thinking today, if I wasn’t in this accountability journal group, that I probably would have just said screw it.  I’ll start in February when things calm down, things are too stressful to start now.  I should mention January is our busiest month.
I made my own soup!!  This is actually what I’m most proud of, believe it or not! Last Sunday and then again today.  I’m not a cook at all so this is what makes me so proud.  I found out that making soup is actually really easy and inexpensive.  And even my husband said the soup tasted good. It has no added salt.
I worked out every day this week.  I just started using a new app called APTIV, it’s been so much fun for me.  As mentioned in my intro, working out has always been something that I enjoy so this isn’t a struggle for me usually, but always good to be on track.  I def have had my weeks where I’m eating a ton and get lazy w/ my workouts.
The bad-
I had so much stress at work.  I made so many mistakes, if I didn’t already have my promotion I would feel like I wouldn’t have gotten it based on last week.  It was just the kind of week where everything that can possibly go wrong workwise does.  I seriously wanted to eat away my stress so much. I definitely came home wanting to eat so bad to just my mind off of everything,  I was hoping those thoughts and feelings would diminish but really they were still as strong as ever.
I was really very tired and low energy all week.  I did have black coffee all week, so I didn’t give that up.  But my energy was just really low.  I did have a sore throat and some congestion this week which I associated w/ Detox.  I didn’t think it was sickness, really hoping for some more energy in the next couple of weeks.
What I learned-
I was listening to a book called Food Junkies on Audible and it really resonated with me.  Basically the author speaks about how to some people food is a drug and it’s an addiction to some people.  And that some people are highly susceptible to it, while others are not.  They also said that the people who become food addicted have also had issues w/ alcohol moderation.  If you read my intro that was me when I was younger, it seems like it has morphed into food as an adult.
Also learned even low sodium veggie broth has a lot of sodium, I plan to try to make my own broth soon!
What I’ve been eating-
My usual day has looked like this
3/4 Oatmeal
1 tablespoon flaxseed
cauliflower rice
For the most part I have been ok.  I’ve definitely had food on my mind, but the important part is I have stuck with things this week.  I am still working on reading the Eat to Live Book, I’m brand new to his book.  But I agree with the eating. I’m vegetarian of 20 years, and go back and forth between being vegan  I def feel my best eating vegan.  Good luck everyone and thank you to anyone that has made it this far!!

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Elisha is the founder of the Eat to Live Support Group on Facebook, a community of 30k plus whole-food, plant-based eaters. Elisha began blogging about this lifestyle in 2010 after discovering that it was a treatment for years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating. Today she is a mentor to thousands who are striving to adopt this lifestyle.

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