Catrina’s Eat to Live Journey- Week 4

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Week 4

This week has been a mess. Last week I felt ok about only eating about 90% of Eat To Live, but this week I failed miserably. I feel like Saturday just snowballed into eating a little junk, and it never stopped. I even would start out a new day great and then slowly snack and let more sweets in.
I have done ETL before, so I knew how much effort goes into meal planning and not eating junk, but that was before my son was old enough to have opinions on what he ate. This time I’m struggling hard to eat compliantly while making meals for my family too. I am very picky on what I let my kids eat, yet my husband is not. While he appreciates that they eat healthy, he doesn’t cook the same way I do for them. This has stressed me out a lot on this journey. I feel a tremendous weight from it and I feel like this week I just buckled to the pressure.
I love making my family healthy food, I just don’t like having to create 2 different meals.i am honestly not sure if this eating style is working for me right now. I don’t add salt or oil to our food, but not using certain items like salsa or maple syrup or other condiments has really been hard.
I guess it’s more important to me that I make healthy food for my family that’s plant based whole foods, but not necessarily Eat To Live compliant than to make sure I’m following the diet completely. Maybe I just feel a bit lost, and wish I got more support doing it. I’m not sure.

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