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Making a Big Commitment is Hard. But Making a Tiny Commitment is Easy- Jane Week 4

This weekend I went out of town for my sister-in-law’s Baby Shower. I brought instant oatmeal and nuts/cinnamon in portioned baggies to sprinkle on top. On the plane, I asked the stewardess for a cup of hot water, dumped it all in and mixed it all together…Success! I also brought a baggie of raw veggies [...]

What’s Your Motivation- Jane Week 3

What's your motivation???   It’s a question actors reportedly ask themselves before getting into character. And it’s something I’ve been asking myself lately as well! I’m staying true to the essence of the plan, but I’m snacking most days, and I’m sometimes even snacking on off-plan foods. I’ve maybe lost 1 pound. But, I’m still [...]

Eat to Live 6 Week Challenge- Jane Week 1

Picture yourself doing your best over-the-top rendition of Gloria Estefan singing, “Coming out of the dark!…”, with abandon. Maybe you’re using expressive handmotions and have a full choir of totally awesome (albeit immaginary) backup singers. Perhaps a cute leather jacket and a ‘90s perm to boot. That’s kind of how I felt earlier today. (I know I’m [...]