Amy’s Eat to Live Journey

/Amy’s Eat to Live Journey

Overcoming Hunger and Sadness- Amy Week 3

Prep-prep-prep-prep, Success!! I was run a little ragged by last weekend. Prepping my shopping list & doing trips to two different stores and then starting to cook on Sunday…I just felt like I needed a BREAK. Well, we didn’t take a break. Sidebar: I live in a multi-generational household. We built a house where my [...]

Supportive Carnivores & One Deep Rabbit Hole – Amy Week 2

I’ve always been the type of person who is singularly focused. Beyond not being a great multi-tasker (like, awful) – I’ve always done best when I have one thing in my life that I’m primarily devoting my energy and attention to. I’ve accepted that about myself and instead of fighting it, I’m a little quicker [...]