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Here’s my big secret: My diet is not perfect. I am on a journey to make EAT TO LIVE my permanent change but I’m still getting there. I find myself perpetually restarting because I’m a firm believer that when you fall, you get back up. So I guess that’s what makes this venue different. It’s not about perfection, it’s a journey for all of us, and I’m glad we’re in it together.

Nutritarian Creamy Avo Hummus

If there's one thing that gets me through, it's hummus.  Tangy, delicious hummus.  Throw in some roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, or in this case, avocado and cilantro.... anything goes with these no-oil hummus recipes!
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Pecan Balsamic Dressing

This dressing is actually an offshoot of Dr. Fuhrman's delicious Walnut Vinaigrette.  This one is made with dates and pecans instead of walnuts and raisins.  Only because I am allergic to walnuts and I always have dates laying around. SO here you go! This recipe is awesome...
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Nutritarian Pesto Sauce

Sometimes you just need a good, solid, comfort dish.  Pesto on pasta would definitely be that for me.  Here's a nutritarian pesto recipe that won't break your rhythm.  And here's something that I JUST discovered... RED LENTIL PASTA.  I like it better than some of the gluten free pastas that I've experimented with.  This one really tastes like a cheat, but it's totally legal!!
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Nutritarian Grapefruit Dijon Dressing

No-oil salad dressings can be tough.  Tough to find, tough to love... you get the point.  This one is a nice departure from the typical nutritarian vinegar-based dressings.  This one is, of course, citrus-based.  Try it and let us know what you think.
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Nutritarian No Salt Pico de Gallo

Here's the concept of a salad topper.  You prep your topper ahead of time (hummus, salsas, Texas caviar, edamame salad... whichever ones you love) and keep them in the fridge. Then, any time you make a salad, just throw together a giant bowl of chopped veggies, and top them with... you guessed it.  Toppers can be used with salad dressing or alone because most of them are pretty flavorful.  Here's a no-salt  pico de gallo.  Of course, none of the recipes here include salt.  Dr. Fuhrman recommends not using any added salt with your meals.  So as a nutritarian site, this is how we roll.  But if you desire salt, Dr. Fuhrman recommends sprinkling a little over your food once it's on your plate rather than using it as an ingredient.
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