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If you’ve never done an Eat to Live Daily Jumpstart, start here…

Starting a plant-based diet can be daunting.  That’s where the Jumpstart formula comes in…  after years of watching thousands of people come and go, we’ve boiled that “success factor” down to three fundamental ingredients… Accountability, Simplified Meal Planning,  and Knowledge.  That is magic combination that Eat to Live Daily takes pride in perfecting, and the results speak for themselves.  Here’s how we streamline this formula:

ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP:  The Facebook Accountability Group is like a Weight Watchers meeting at any hour of the day!  It’s a place to share the journey with a team of like-minded people, all going plant-based together.   We share recipes, struggles, milestones, tips, and tools.  We get together weekly for a live checkin and webinar, and we hold one another accountable.   This is my Eat to Live Family.  There’s no place like it and I can’t think of a safer place to share the journey.

MEAL PLANS: Our Meal Plans are the answer to the most difficult aspect of any diet: THE FOOD.  The ETLD meal plans are a series of simple, delicious, and easy-to-prep recipes that won’t make you a slave to your kitchen (really, truly, this process is designed to get you going independently so you’re NOT reliant on recipes all the time). They come complete with shopping lists and a simple meal prep sheet to make breakfast, lunch and dinner simple.

KNOWLEDGE:  Our Video Library, weekly webinars and Start Pack provide you with the tools to get you prepped and organized.  We start with a simple, easy-to apply format and then through the course of our time together, build on the basics with updates on plant-based research, new films, interviews, and news.  This sort of info is shared on the Eat to Live Daily website through webinars, on our Jumpstart YouTube channel, and through our incredible Facebook group.

Want more than 6 weeks?

If you want to keep going with Eat to Live Daily, we’re rolling out 2 monthly membership options that are now available at checkout when you purchase your Jumpstart.  Here they are:

  • Complete Maintenance Membership – $24/Month (Continued access to our entire Jumpstart program including weekly meal plans)

I’ve tried the Jumpstart and I’m ready for a membership!

If you’ve already done a Jumpstart, and you’re ready for on-going support, then pick your plan!

Complete Maintenance Membership ($24/month):  gives you a never-ending Jumpstart.  The accountability group, weekly meal plans, access to all materials at eattolivedaily.com, and the customizable meal planner. This is the best thing I have to offer!

Accountability Group + Meal Plans

  • Private Facebook Accountability Group
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Recipe Center
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Week Meal Plans
  • Customizable Meal Planner
  • Jumpstart Materials
  • Video Library

A closer look…

The Complete Maintenance System

The Complete Maintenance System is the whole enchilada… Everything that you get in a Jumpstart, but for $24/month.  Here’s what comes with it:

  • Weight loss accountability support system

  • Weekly Meal Plans

  • 2-3 new recipes added to the ETLD recipe database each week

  • Weekly Facebook Live meet-ups

  • Weekly Live Q&A

  • Video Library

  • Jumpstart Materials – Start pack, tracking materials, cheat sheet, printable calendar, bonus recipes

  • Private Facebook accountability group

  • On-going 6-week challenges within the group

“It’s a superior program I would recommend to anyone. Elisha’s approach, her caring, her positivity, her obvious personal experience, her intelligence and knowledge, her vivaciousness and smiles, obviously hard work and dedication, those things make it happen…”

Sunny R.

The jumpstart was a game changer for me! I learned so much from the videos and enjoyed trying out the new recipes…”

Emily E.

The Jumpstart was exactly what I needed to revamp my progress toward a healthy future!”

Emily E.

“Meal plans.  They’ve made it so easy to eat well easily and deliciously.  I would absolutely recommend this program!  I’ve gained so much confidence in how to make ETL recipes taste delicious!”

Caitlin F.

Just chiming in here to say that Elisha, your recipes are delicious!  I’ve been eating WFPB for a long time and my taste buds are just delighted + I’m excited to cook and prep again.  Thank you

Melissa M

“I’m losing weight and people are noticing.  I’m noticing!  I’m wearing clothes in my closet that I haven’t put on for years.  It’s exciting.”

Kelli N.

Answer To Your Questions

Are the meal plans Eat to Live compliant?

Yes, our meal plans are Eat to Live compliant!

How many servings are the meal plans?

Our meal plans are designed for one person.  However, some of our customers have reported that they’re not accustomed to eating so much food!  Left-overs are common and some prefer to just split the meal plan with someone.  If you’re planning to eat your 2 pounds of veggies/day, then this meal plan will work for 1 person.

Are the meal plans gluten free?

A few of the recipes in the meal plans include whole grain tortillas.  They may easily be substituted with a non-gluten tortilla or a lettuce wrap.

The recipes in the meal plans do not include salt.   What if I want salt?  Or someone that I’m cooking for wants it…? 

The recipes do not include salt, however, if you wish to include salt, it may easily be incorporated.  We recommend adding it to your food once it’s on your plate, rather than using it in your recipe.  You can spin it however you like!

Are the recipes in the meal plan pretty elaborate?  How long to they take to prepare?

Your TIME was a big consideration for us as we formulated these recipes.  We’ve done our best to make the preparation as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus on the other important things going on in your life.  Sauces, dips, and dressings can be prepped at the beginning of the week and used throughout that week’s recipes.  Soups are prepped and re-used throughout the week in various ways and precut veggies can be used for salads and side dishes.

My Story

I struggled with yo-yo dieting and food addiction for most of my life.  When I found this way of eating, I realized that it was the treatment that I needed.  This goes so far beyond weight loss for me.  It’s given me my life back.  I don’t wake up in the morning plagued by what I ate the night before, and I can feel good about my body working the way that it should.  No aches and pains, my workouts are killer, and my size 4 jeans have never felt so good!!