The 1.8 Pounds That Will Live in Infamy- Amy Week 4

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This past Saturday was my Holiday Party for work. I had been considering my approach to this night since before the jumpstart even began. As the days went by I came up with a plan of action. I ended up having my salad & my boyfriend’s salad – it was simple greens with the lightest amount of lemon vinaigrette. I had a small portion of Mushroom Agnolotti that was vegan & a few vodka sodas. We got home very late & I made a (pre-determined) sprouted wrap with almond butter and fruit spread. I gained 1.8 pounds OVERNIGHT. Are you kidding me?! I had imagined many versions of this night & to be honest – I just wanted to be a part of everything. I wanted to eat with everyone. I wanted to have a couple of cocktails & let loose. I hadn’t cheated ONCE on ANYTHING in three weeks. This wasn’t a fake 1.8 pounds either – I have spent all of week 4 trying to re-lose what I gained in one night. How frustrating. However, I felt like a rockstar that night & I was able to hang in there this week & keep at it.

Looking Forward

I’ve been loving the food this week! Mexican is right up my alley. I’ve been enjoying the jumpstart a lot because of all the different recipes and concepts I’ve gotten to try. I feel like I’m learning a lot & taking the thought out of it is really getting me through the hard part. However, I’ve found myself projecting forward quite a bit this week. I’ve been trying to think about a sustainable way to continue this lifestyle. For me, even though I’m enjoying it – keeping up the level of prep and dedication that goes into the weekly meal plans is a little too much for me. I’m thinking we might end up settling into a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, stir fry/buddha bowl for dinner, pattern. I can always find a new recipe to try & tweak – but, I feel like a more basic baseline will be less daunting for me.

Crabby Amy

My biggest struggle this week (other than the 1.8 pounds!) has been my mood. I have done the six-week challenge before. I am generally a happy person, but this way of eating takes me to the next level. I just feel lighter and like I can take on anything. I KNOW that my mood will improve, but I don’t remember it taking so long through the process the first time. And, MAN AM I CRABBY. Ugh, I hate this feeling. I’m just irritable and don’t feel like doing anything I’m doing. As week 4 draws to a close, the clouds have finally begun parting. I’m starting to see the sunshine & now I’m just wishing that old Cleveland Ohio here was feeling the sunshine as well, lol. I’m so happy to be moving forward into the next week in a more positive frame of mind!

My starting weight was 145.3 and today I weighed 132.1 – I’m down a total of 13.2 pounds! AND, I did get past what I gained last Saturday night – I’m down .6 pounds for the week : ). I hope everyone’s week went awesome. Happy journey, Friends!

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