OMG Walnut Sauce

[recipe]Nutty Garlic Sauce - This was inspired by Ann Esselstyn's OMG Walnut Sauce. It's so so so good. Someone in the support group commented, "How have I lived 57 years without this?" LOL. Really, it's good. My one modification on the recipe was to roast the garlic ahead of time. But I you're in a [...]

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Peanut Sauce/Dressing

[recipe]Peanut Sauce/Dressing - - Cloves garlic, tamari sauce ((or coconut aminos)), vinegar, Dates, limes (Juice (1 tbsp)), peanut butter, water, Blend ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. ; Serve with Thai salad or the Buddha Bowl. Or really, anything…; -

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Creamy Thai Sauce

[recipe]Creamy Thai Sauce (makes 5-6 servings) - - Almond butter, light coconut milk, limes (juiced), fresh ginger root, Cloves garlic, liquid aminos, hot sauce (optional), Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender. ; Store leftovers in the refrigerator and use as a condiment for other recipes.; -

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